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Ancient Ritual Tools

    Ancient Ritual Tools Empowerments


On this page you will find attunements and empowerments that will connect you to ancient ritual tools which will greatly enhance your personal power and give you access to ancient Elders and spirits from all over the world. Each one is presented in a way that will make it possible for you to use this energy as it will be replicated within you, and will continuously work to empower and protect you.

As with all of our attunements, you will receive three years of e-mail support to make certain that you get the most possible benefit out these empowerment processes. You will also receive a beautiful certificate suitable for framing to honor the attunements that you purchase here.

Make certain that you truly desire these attunements as there are no refunds on any of our programs once either the e-manual or the energy has been sent as there is no way to recover them. However, if you have a problem with what you receive then fill out the contact form on this website, and we will work with you to alleviate your distress in any reasonable manner.

The attunements on this page are powerful energies intended for the use of mature adults only. Your purchase signifies that you are at least 21 years of age, and have some experience with powerful occult energies. If this is not the case then you are advised to wait until you have more experience, and you are encouraged to purchase such courses as those in the Mahakali, Inner Power, Kali Naga Shamanic Power and Tibetan Packages found on this website first.

Attunement to the Scepter of the Dragon-Wolf King:

This attunement is to a powerful occult ritual tool that is over 100,000 years old and is capable of working in all of the thirteen dimensions surrounding Mother Earth at the same time for a wide variety of purposes parts of which were used in ancient Sardegon (Known by most as "Atlantis"), and an ancient Native American tribe. If you are not familiar with the thirteen dimensions, and with the nine realms of the underworld, then you are encouraged to take the Kali Naga Seichim course found on the "Sacred Prostitution" page on this website first. Note that Kali Naga Seichim is not for the faint of heart.

The Scepter will also give you access to powerful Aztec and Asaga Elders and spirits who can help you in many ways. They will often help you do things, will teach you many important spiritual skills, and give other empowerments to you directly if needed. There is also a connection to a powerful young Priestess who is a living embodiment of the Goddess Kurukulla, and whose energy will flow through you whenever you follow the instructions in this manual to heal you, further awaken your Kundalini energies, and to empower you in many ways.

Consider well the admonitions given above before making this purchase.

Scepter of the Dragon-Wolf King
Attunement to an ancient and very powerful ritual tool. Note to re-sellers: this is a fixed price system. You are not allowed to give it away, trade it, or sell it for less than this price.
Price: $80.00

The Blackthorn Staff Empowerment:

This is an empowerment to a very powerful tool of the Druids that is still used in Celtic Shamanism to this day. I was blessed to receive this staff, empowered with additional energies from the Goddess Mahakali, from Peter Aziz who is one of the most powerful Shamans in the United Kingdom, and that energy is replicated for you here in this attunement so that you can use it as well. 

The spirit of the Blackthorn is used by magicians, sorcerers and Shamans to combat Rakshasas and other powerful and evil spirits, to protect the carrier of the energy, and to empower that person psychically and spiritually. You will not only be empowered by this energy yourself, but you will also be able to imbue other sacred objects with this energy as well. 

I have a new Apprentice who is one of the most powerful women alive, and who is the daughter of an even more powerful woman. When she has the training and experience like that of her mother then she will be a great force to reckon with in this world! This young lady already combats dark forces in her daily life, and this empowerment was prepared specifically to aid her in these situations. The rest of you are now able to benefit from her need. 

Blackthorn Staff Empowerment
Attunement to the replicated energies of the Blackthorn Staff that belongs to Prajna Shiva Kalidasa. Attention re-sellers: This is a fixed price system. You are not allowed to post this on free attunement sites, trade sites, or to sell it for less than $80.00 USD.
Price: $80.00

Power of the Bavarian Zauberer:

Zauberer means "Magicker" in Bavarian German, and they all use a "Zauberstab" or magic wand. In this course you will not only be attuned to the energy of a real Zauberstab, but you will learn how to physically make and use them as well. This is not some cute little New Age stick with a crystal stuck on the end, but is the real thing! It is powerful, and can be quite deadly if needed or if used carelessly.

When you are finished with this course then you will understand such ancient occult secrets as the "Sacred Measure", the best woods to use, the right metals to employ, how to empower the wood by burning it in a very special way, the use of runes to empower it further, and a ritual that stopped a tornado that was about to wipe out a town in eastern Oklahoma. 

There are other uses for this energy as well. in November of 2010 we were traveling to LA to work with the students of another Shaman. While passing an over-sized load on a road tractor the chase car driver tried to purposely run me off of the road several times. When it was obvious that he intended to hit my van then I used this energy to stop him. This past December of 2011, as I passed that spot on the road, I read the marker commemorating his death. The life of my Consort and me is worth more to me than that of a reckless driver, but careless use of this energy can also harm or kill those who are innocent. 

This is a very powerful energy, and if you choose to receive it then you need to be aware of both the great good and the great harm that can come from having it. Be careful of what you are receiving if you order this powerful attunement. And, know that this is one potential weapon that no government in the world can ever take away from you as long as you are alive. 

Power of the Bavarian Zauberer
Attunement to the energy of the Bavarian Zauberstab (Magic Wand). Attn: re-sellers - this is a fixed fee system.
Price: $80.00

Power of the Tibetan Khatvangas:

This is a very potent and powerful ritual tool that is used by Shamans in Tibet, Nepal and Mongolia. Some are made from copper, and some are made from meteoric iron. In this course you will receive attunements to both a copper trishul khatvanga and a meteoric iron skull khatvanga.

The uses of both tools will be demonstrated, and a way for you to transmit that energy through you will also be taught. In fact, it will be the exact same method that I used on I-40 in November of 2010 to harness similar energies to save the lives of my Consort and myself. See the description of the Bavarian Zauberer attunement above for details. All of these attunements work extremely powerfully together!

As with all of our courses, you will receive three years of e-mail support to answer your questions, and to insure that you get the most possible value out of your experience with us. And, you will receive a beautiful full color certificate that is suitable for framing to honor your attunements. 

Power of the Tibetan Khatvangas
Attunements to the replicated energies of two very old and powerful Khatvangas. (Re-sellers - This is a fixed fee system.)
Price: $100.00

Ancient Ritual Tools Package Discount

Purchasing all of these attunements separately would cost you $340.00 USD. Take the package deal offered here, and receive all of them with a $60.00 USD discount.

Ancient Ritual Tools Package
Receive a total of five attunements to four different kinds of ancient ritual tools with a $60.00 discount from the regular price.
Price: $280.00