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Free Articles


Note: You are welcome to download these articles to use on your own websites or share with others as long as you give credit for authorship, do not sell them and include this website in the listing.


The Healing Sun.doc (DOC — 33 KB)
The Practice of Yoga in My Life.doc (DOC — 25 KB)
Gematria.doc (DOC — 41 KB)
Making Your Own Medicine.doc (DOC — 27 KB)
Do It Yourself Contraception.doc (DOC — 27 KB)
The State of Health in America.doc (DOC — 56 KB)
The Greening of Patriarchy.doc (DOC — 28 KB)
Kali and the Kali Yug Mini Seminar.doc (DOC — 68 KB)
The Templar Creed.doc (DOC — 21 KB)
Understanding the Human Energy System.doc (DOC — 46 KB)
The Alternative Lifestyle Internet Resource Guide.doc (DOC — 65 KB)