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Joss Paper Pujas

Joss Paper Pujas

There are some things that can be done to help us all get through rough times, and to do things better along the way, and one of them will involve a different kind of Puja process than I have done for you all in times past. This involves using what are known as Joss Papers. Here are some descriptions of the ones that I will be doing for each of you in either Fire, Water or Mountain Puja. So read through these descriptions, and then let me know which one you want me to do for you with each one.

When our lung-ta is low, we feel unwell, ill at ease, uncertain and dull, and we find life more difficult. When we raise our wind horse, we become more positive and less lethargic, and can transform our problems into positive circumstances. Joss Papers help with this.

This first Joss Paper is specifically for helping with business, job and career. 

The second Joss Paper is specifically for helping ourselves and others connect with the 21 Taras. Here is a bit about each one from, and what they do for you:

The Twenty-One Taras

Tara has 21 primary emanations, each of which performs different activities such as pacification, increase and so forth. The different colors of these 21 Taras correspond to the 4 different types of enlightened activity, as explained by Ven. Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche:

"Tara is the female Buddha of enlightened activity, of which there are 4 types: pacifying, increasing, overpowering and wrathful. Each of these is represented by a different color:

The 21 Tara's names in English and Tibetan, and their colors:

The third Joss Paper is specifically for helping ourselves and others find wealth & enrichment in every area of life.

the fourth Joss Paper is specifically for helping ourselves and others find love, protection and the blessings of Kurukulle Kali.

The fifth Joss Paper is a Wind Horse set that will speed our prayers to where they need to go, and overcome the ignorance, deception and injustice in our lives.

The sixth Joss Paper is extremely relevant for people that are having major problems they need to purify their karma over. It is very helpful for new endeavors or the completion of a project. Traditionally people have used it on their birthdays, New Years or other special holidays for auspiciousness. We will use it now, and you can also request that one be done for you on the auspicious times listed here as well as others, and it will be my pleasure to do them for you. 

The seventh Joss Paper is for the Removal of Karmic Debts. Many people are held back in life by things they did in previous lives, and do not remember in this one, and then there are past actions from this life that many people regret, and would not do again if they had the chance. These things can weigh us down, and hold us back in many ways, and this Joss paper helps us to be able to move past these previous misdeeds.

The eighth Joss Paper helps with Love and Relationships, and is specifically for helping ourselves and others find love and improve any and all relationships. 

The Ninth Joss Paper helps with Liberation from Bard which is the cycle of rebirth due to karma and the process of reincarnation. However, I will give you a word of warning with this one. When invoked, then it will cause the karmic processes that you have yet to go through, and the lessons yet unlearned before you can progress further in enlightenment beyond this dimension to be both paid and learned much faster. Needless to say, this can be a painful process! So, if you choose to do this one then I also encourage you to do the Removal of Karmic Debts, the 21 Taras, Kurukulla Kali and Wind horse Joss Papers as well.

Joss Papers are the best Feng Shui tool, as it not only prevents the bad Chi but also transforms the bad into good. It is said that wherever the wind that touches them goes, it will carry the beneficial power of the prayers to any beings it meets, and this is also true of water, fire, and the energies within the earth from the powerful beings known as the "Ancient Ones". One can burn or throw them into a flowing stream or river, the sea or on a mountain. We have no access to the sea here so pick on of the three options for each of the options listed above (fire, water, or mountain), and that is what we shall do for you. 

Joss Papers are made by charging 108,000 of them on a Mandala while Shamans and other practitioners chant the appropriate Mantras 251,000+1 times over the space of a two week period. This number of Mantras is a powerful number that charges the people doing it with this energy for all of this lifetime and our future lives as well, and we pour this energy into the Joss Papers both during the charging process and in the Fire, Water or Mountain Puja that we do on your behalf with these sacred papers. Each Puja takes us approximately one half hour to prepare for, and another half hour to do, and the supplies for each of them costs us about $25.00 USD. 

All of the Pujas take place in our Kurukulla Kali Temple. The Joss Papers given to the fire are burned there, and the sacred smoke carries the prayers on the wind to wherever they need to go. This is the fastest way to begin getting the answers and empowerment that you seek. The Water Puja is slower, but not by much, and the Joss Papers are dropped into the rapids of a mountain stream that is 1,940 feet above sea level, and begin the process of disintegration as they drop two miles and 1,745 feet to the valley floor below before beginning their journey to rivers and eventually to the Atlantic Ocean. Those papers used for a Mountain Puja work the slowest of all, and are very suitable for spreading energy over your lifetime or even several lives. Those Joss Papers are buried below the altar in our temple, and receive some energy from every ritual that we do.

Please take all of this into account when you are determining the amount of your donation for each of the Joss Papers that you desire to have a Puja done for you with, and know that the Great Mother Goddess who is known as Mahakali in Sanskrit, and as Troma Nagmo in Tibetan, will bless you according to your generosity. But, if you are unable to make a donation for some reason then send me an email, and we will see what we can work out.

When you make your donations then also either fill out the "Contact Us" page, or send an email to me at, and tell me which Joss Papers you are ordering, and whether you desire a Fire, Water or Mountain Puja for them.