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Mystery Mastery Healing

Mystery Mastery Healing System

My primary purpose in life is to help other people remember who they are. Indeed, I have Apprentices in 31 countries, and that is why they are working with me. Once they remember who they really are, and make peace with the shadows in their lives, then they are able to move through that into their area of Mastery and begin working in it. I have made these courses a part of the Apprenticeship process since they help people move into their Mastery much faster, and now they are offered here for you as well. 

As with all of our courses, you are given three years of e-mail assistance to help you get the most possible benefit out of them. You receive the manuals by e-mail, and and receive full color Naked Shaman Academy certificates suitable for framing after you have completed the 3rd and 6th courses. Anyone purchasing a course beyond the first one alone must prove that they have taken the previous courses from someone else.

There are no refunds given for purchases from this website so be certain of your desire to take the course before you order it. It is impossible to recover energy once it has been expended on your behalf, and to recover manuals sent by electronic means. If you are displeased with a purchase then discuss it with us, and we will do what we can to work through the issue with you, but there are no refunds given.

Here is some information about the course:

The Mystery Mastery Healing System:   

I have a friend named Linda White Dove who has written a six part course that helps people move more powerfully into there area of Mastery. All of my active Apprentices, those who communicate with me and participate as they should, will receive it one course at a time. You will still be encouraged to work all of the attunements that we have agreed upon for your personal path, and also to do these courses as they will combine to make you very powerful and successful in your work very fast. Working with these energies will prove to be a life changing experience for you. Here is a description of what they do from the founder of the system:   

 The Mystery Mastery Healing System is a unique, Oneness Paradigm modality of advanced energy healing and awakening. The Mystery Mastery Healing System teaches you how to work from an embodiment of your Infinite nature, how to utilize that which is unknown and unknowable, and how to go into states of consciousness that transcend limitations, opening your healing channel to easier and deeper results and new possibilities.   Overview   Level 1 of the Mystery Mastery Healing Session reframes healing in the larger context of infinity. You will learn powerful states of being to let go of limiting identifications, and open yourself (and your clients) to deeper healing than you imagined possible. These are the states of being from which “miracles” happen. Level 1 also helps you identify limiting thinking, common blind spots that hinder healing. Once you recognize these in yourself, you free your mind and your healing will follow.  

Mastery of the skills in level 1 will open the doors to all kinds of delightful possibilities for in person and distance healing in level 2, which you will then take “quantum” in level 3 as you learn to work in infinite depth and breadth. Level 3 will also teach you how to teach and attune others to the Mystery Mastery Healing System. After completion of level 3, you will be able to continue your development via ongoing attunements and new tips and techniques.   

 Here are just a few things that make this system so unique:   

*An instructional format that enables you to directly experience the course materials in addition to understanding them intellectually   

*Emphasis on advanced states of consciousness such as non-resistance, meaninglessness and soft focusing to open your healing channel, move beyond beliefs that limit your healing, create deeper results for you and your clients, increase intuition, and more   

*Working from an embodiment of your infinite nature, where you have all of creation backing you up   

*Accessing all this is known, unknown and unknowable, without having to intellectually understand any of it   

*Taking advantage of chaos to easily break way from what does not work, and help your clients do the same   

*Opening your healing channel to a constantly growing palate of high vibration energies for yourself, and offer them hands on or distance to your clients   

*Using subtle energy to transform fear into joy, pain into comfort, and any other emotion or thought into something more desirable   

*A powerful subtle energy technique to embody affirmations, making them more powerful and easier to manifest   

The Mystery Mastery Healing System is infinite. It includes all energies and all possibilities. There is a lot to explore; its uses are only limited by your thinking, and as you evolve you will still find new uses for it.   

Many techniques will probably be new, even to the most experienced healers   To use the Mystery Mastery Healing System, you will need a basic understanding of energy healing and experience offering sessions and instruction. Since Reiki already teaches that very well, Usui Reiki Mastership is a prerequisite for the Mystery Mastery Healing System. If you are not already attuned to Usui Reiki Master level, and would like to learn it then see the New Usui Reiki course that you have been sent if you are an Apprentice, and order it if you are not Apprenticed.   

After the successful completion of Level 3 then you will be allowed to go on if you are not an Apprentice, and expected to go on if you are one. Here are descriptions of those next three courses:   

Level 4   

The response to the non-resistance state of conscious and technique from level 1 has been excellent. Therefore, level 4 will introduce a new way to use non-resistance for becoming more aware of how the body and especially the mind releases its grip and opens to infinity, and the reverse process of falling into limiting perceiving, thinking and body tension. With this awareness you can recognize when you move into limitation and more easily shift back to living in infinite empowerment.   

This new use of non-resistance will also enable you to find and use the right level of physical and/or mental non-resistance for whatever task is at hand. Your needs when writing a paper are different from your needs while going for a run, opening to intuition or falling asleep.   In level 4, you'll be introduced to a technique for pain release which is great for headaches. I also use it for grounding, relieving “restless legs,” helping with kundalini blockages, and bringing in new energies. It is one of my favorite and most used techniques. You will also learn another technique I love for renewing and regenerating body/mind/spirit, and every cell in your body. It can quicken spiritual awakening too.   Level 4 also teaches how to embed energy in text, objects and in the spoken word. Not just simple energies like joy or relaxation but also complex experiences like how it feels to be outside after it has rained, or entire healing sessions consisting of multiple templates. The course materials for levels 4-6 have embedded energy/experiences in them. With the information in level 4, you will be able to read the materials with the embedded energy all on, partially on, or completely off. It is like going to a movie with the option of seeing it in 3d with a sound system and other technology that lets you experience the movie more fully.   

Level 5   

This level is all about erotic energy work. The importance of pleasure and eroticism for healing and awakening are discussed, along with everything you need to know to offer an erotic energy healing session to yourself and others. Level 5 will also challenge and assist you in resolving any barriers to comfort and empowerment with erotic energy and pleasure.   

Level 6   

Level 6 is about living in Mastery. It's about living in the day to day state of mind, heart and body of a Master of the Mysteries.   Deepak Chopra said "Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box." We keep ourselves trapped in the box by an overdependence on the mind, holding on to memories and ways of relating based on the past, and in other ways as well. As healers this also keeps our healing in a box, limiting the depth and breadth to which we can help others.   The key to getting rid of the box is akin to learning the secret to a magic trick. Once you learn how the illusion is perpetuated you no longer see the illusion. You only see the perpetuation. Once you see how you perpetuate the box, both the box and the perpetuation fade and you are truly free.   The goal of level 6 is to assist you in seeing how you have created and maintained the box, while also offering assistance in getting rid of it. This is not about positive thinking, or about changing limiting beliefs, but rather about observing and evolving your process of perceiving. If you are an Apprentice then this is already a part of your process, and if not then you must purchase it, and you can do so below:


Mystery Mastery Healing System Instruction Basic Package  (includes all 3 levels) $165    

MMHS Basic Package 1 - 3
There are no refunds given for purchases on this website.
Price: $165.00


Mystery Mastery Healing System Level 1 Instruction $75 USD 

MMHS Level 1
This is included in the MMHS Basic Package. There are no refunds for purchases from this website.
Price: $75.00


Mystery Mastery Healing System Level 2 Instruction $50 USD 

MMHS Level 2
This course is included in the MMHS Basic Package. There are no refunds for purchases from this website.
Price: $50.00


Mystery Mastery Healing System Level 3 Instruction $50 USD 

MMHS Level 3
This course is included in the MMHS Basic Package. There are no refunds given for purchases from this website.
Price: $50.00


Mystery Mastery Healing System Advanced Instruction Package $335 USD   

MMHS Advanced Course Package
Levels 4 - 6 of the Mystery Mastery Healing System. There are no refunds given for purchases from this website.
Price: $335.00


Mystery Mastery Healing System Level 4 Instruction $125 USD

MMHS - Level 4
MMHS Level 4 is included in the MMHS Advanced Course Package. No refunds are given for purchases from this website.
Price: $125.00

Mystery Mastery Healing System Level 5 Instruction $125 USD

MMHS - Level 4 (Erotic Healing)
MMHS Level 4 is included in the Advanced Course package. No refunds are given for purchases from this website.
Price: $125.00

Mystery Mastery Healing System Level 6 Instruction $125 USD

MMHS - Level 6
MMHS Level 6 is included in the Advanced Course package. No refunds are given for purchases from this website.
Price: $125.00