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Past Life Powers

   The Past Life Skills Re-Empowerment Process



Many people have experienced past life regression, and have seen themselves using psychic gifts and spiritual skills that they do not have in this life. If you could do it then that same energy is available to you now, and this process will help restore that functional ability to you for use in this lifetime.


Once you have received the attunement then there is a meditation process used to find the skills you had in the past, and to energize the skill set as well as to move the memory into your current subconscious mind. Then, there is another process to bring the ability into your conscious mind so that you can begin actively using it.


As with all of our courses, we give three years of counsel by e-mail to insure that you get the most possible benefit from this process. It is our desire that you be empowered in every way possible. You also receive a detailed manual containing instructions for receiving the attunement, doing the past life regression work and the empowerment process, and telling you how to attune others. And, you also receive a beautiful full color certificate, suitable for framing, to celebrate your having received this attunement.


All purchases on this website are final. There are no refunds as it is impossible to truly recover anything sent by electronic means. Be certain of your desire to receive this course.



Past Life Skills Re-Empowerment
There are no refunds for purchases on this website. However, we will work with you as best we can if you are dissatisfied for any reason.
Price: $80.00