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Tantra Articles

Tantra Articles:


The following articles are from a variety of free sources and websites. All of them are about Tantra, and I encourage you to visit their various websites to explore what is the best form for you. If you are involved in Tantra then you will want to most definitely read the article on Polyamory, and also check out Dr. Anapol's book titled "Compersion". I teach and practice Mahakali Tantra, and you can read about that form on the page by that name on this website.


Tantra - The Wild World of Tantra.mht (MHT — 317 KB)

Tantra - How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure Totally Explicit Techniques Every Woman Wants Her Man to Know.mht (MHT — 423 KB)
Tantra - Can’t Orgasm – Psychological Barriers Preventing Orgasm.mht (MHT — 299 KB)
What are the hidden erogenous zones most people never think of.mht (MHT — 52 KB)
Tantric Sexual Healing and the Tantric Empowerment Process.doc (DOC — 48 KB)
Tantra Yoga and Tantric Sex Orgasms and Health Benefits.mht (MHT — 320 KB)
Love Without Limits - Articles - Polyamory and Sexual Healing - by Dr_ Deborah Anapol.mht (MHT — 50 KB)
Tantra Sex – A Tantric Sex Primer.mht (MHT — 297 KB)
What is Tantra - A Tantrik Talks About the Basics of Tantrism.mht (MHT — 356 KB)
Uses (325 KB)